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How it all started...

Updated: May 30, 2023

Hey, it’s Jess! I’m a boy mom to two wonderful souls and married to the most supportive husband ever. I love to move my body every day at the gym, or through a yoga practice. I learned to knit in December 2018, while pregnant with my first baby. I filled my maternity leaves with the best of the best tv shows- The Office, Boston Legal, Blacklist and New Girl, just to name a few.

Speaking of maternity leave…my first one was definitely not what I had pictured it to be. I had pictured this perfect 12 weeks off of work filled with bonding, snuggles and naps. The reality of it was filled with a crying baby who wanted to nurse 24/7, and had constant tummy aches. My husband and I navigated a diagnosis we had never heard of until then called MSPI (Milk and Soy Protein Intolerance). We were beyond sleep deprived and depended on our “village” to help us through. During one of the nights at 3 am I’m sure, I commented to my husband, “wouldn’t it be cool if there was someone who could come home from the hospital and help us navigate this tiny human?!” Turns out there is a support person and I’m blessed to be one of them, a postpartum doula.

My postpartum was filled with thoughts and feelings completely opposite of what I had “pictured in my head” of what postpartum should look like. I tried hiding my postpartum depression and anxiety from everyone, except my husband. At my 6 week check up with my OB, I finally mustered up the courage to be honest on the depression screening. I was terrified to be honest with the thoughts rambling in my head for fear of what would happen to me, or my baby. While I was working through my feelings, I never took time to reflect in that moment, my husband was right beside me experiencing this too. He wanted to help me soooo bad but there wasn’t any “fixing” he could do.

Through the support of a postpartum doula, no mom needs to be left alone to deal with their feelings. It is important to me that a mother isn’t left to face these difficult times alone. This quote by Simply Mom Bailey holds dear to my heart, “Mothers need just as much attention as a newborn, because they too, have just been born”.

Are you struggling as a new mom? I'd love to help. Contact me today so you don't have to walk this journey alone like I did.

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